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Fly Solo Today!!

Intro Day Lesson: $150.


This lesson is for the person who would like an introduction to paragliding in Albuquerque New Mexico. We meet at a local park near our training hill where you will learn some basics about paragliding and be introduced to the equipment. Once you and your instructor feel ready, you will take your first SOLO flight off a 200 foot hill. For those who wish to continue, the price of this paragliding lesson will be credited towards the P2 course. So join Rapture Air Paragliding for the day and paraglide Albuquerque New Mexico!!!


Intro Day Lesson Plus: $250


The Intro Day Lesson Plus is like the Intro Day lesson but, instead of 1 solo flight, you will take two to three solo flights depending on what the weather allows us to do. Rapture Air Paragliding uses the Intro Day Lesson Plus to provide you the right amount of info needed in making a decision if paragliding is for you or not. Like the Intro Day Lesson, if you wish to continue and get your P2 rating, we will apply the price of this lesson to the P2 Course.



P2 Lesson (Full Certification): $1,200~$1,600

$1,200 with purchase of New Equipment

$1,600 with out purchase of new equipment

The P2 program is the heart and soul of Rapture Air Paragliding. It is where future pilots come to begin their progression as pilots. P2 students have made a commitment of both time and money to become safe, competent pilots. This is the course that sets the stage and mindset for each pilot. A P2 Pilot will learn not only how to perform certain tasks, but also how to think about paragliding and aviation in a constructive and sustainable way. Too often otherwise hopeful pilots end up scaring themselves out of the sport simply because they were thinking about the sport incorrectly.

In this course, students will learn about glider handling, glider aerodynamics, meteorology, launching, landing, in flight skills, mountain flying, ridge soaring, and many other pertinent details designed to keep you safe while having fun. Most of the flying is done at a training hill, and this is also where most of the ground handling (kiting) takes place. By repeating successful flights and learning from mistakes at a site with very few obstacles or “consequences,” students will refine their launching, landing, kiting and flying skills before leaving for the mountains or other higher alititude flights later in the course.

The P2 course generally lasts about 10 days. Some students will enjoy learning more slowly, while others will learn more quickly. There is no limit to the number of lessons each student takes to complete their certification. Training manuals and flight log books are included, as well as the use of student equipment. There will be indoor classroom time during your lessons, covering safety videos, written tests, reserve parachute protocol and theory discussions.

Bring A Friend: Receive $200 off per person if learning with one or more friends, bringing the lesson price to $1,400 each or $1,000 if gear purchase was made. Already taken a Day Lesson? Take an additional $150 to$250 off depending on what you paid. Even if you bring a friend, your new gear purchase will still be discounted $400 off of retail.

This course is offered all year long. Winter is a great time to learn, preparing the student for the upcoming “on” season from April through September.


No Charge. After a pilot meets the requirements and observations, Rapture Air will certify a pilot for his or her more advanced ratings.

Towing Ratings:

NO CHARGE for pilots who have gone through the P2 lesson with Rapture Air

Towing is an excellent way to get airborn without having to find a mountain to fly from. Paraglider towing provides several options without the requirements of mountians or hills, If the weather doesn't cooperate, towing with a paraglider can be an option.